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Creating Magical Floral Arrangements for Holiday Parties and Weddings

As the winter season approaches, the team at Willow & Thistle, your go-to florist in Blue Bell, PA, is buzzing with excitement to help you create enchanting floral arrangements for your holiday parties and weddings. Did you know we offer on site packages at Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center? Check out how to Improve Company Culture with a Holiday Party to learn more about holiday party options. We sat down with Kim Loux TITLE? to gather insights on her recommendations, tips, and memorable experiences in designing winter florals.

What are some popular winter flowers and foliage that you recommend for holiday parties and wedding arrangements?

At Willow & Thistle, we love to incorporate elements that capture the essence of winter festivities. Some of our top picks include burgundy blooms, gold accents, delicate berries, aromatic eucalyptus, and fragrant cedar. These elements come together to create arrangements that exude warmth and elegance, perfect for any winter celebration


How do you incorporate seasonal elements into winter décor? And how do you incorporate existing Christmas/holiday décor from a venue into the event décor?

When it comes to winter décor, we believe in embracing the classics. We incorporate Christmas greens, the soft glow of candles, pinecones, and a touch of faux snow for that extra touch of magic. As for existing venue décor, we usually focus on enhancing it rather than replacing it. By seamlessly integrating our floral designs with the venue's existing holiday décor, we create a cohesive and stunning ambiance that complements the surroundings.

Are there any unique or lesser-known winter flowers that you believe can add a special touch to centerpieces or arrangements?

One of our favorite lesser-known winter blooms is the Winterberry, known for its vibrant red berries that instantly bring a festive feel to any arrangement. Another gem is the Star of Bethlehem, a delicate white flower that adds an ethereal touch to centerpieces. These unique flowers can be the perfect finishing touch to make your arrangements truly stand out.

What are some considerations for choosing flowers that will withstand colder temperatures, for example, during a winter wedding?

We often incorporate berries, sturdy pinecones, and robust greens into our designs, because they can withstand colder temperatures. Since most winter events are held indoors, we don't usually worry too much about the temperature. However, for outdoor photography sessions, we advise clients to be cautious. If the temperature dips below 40 degrees, flowers can flash freeze so we advise clients to avoid bringing floral arrangements outside.

Can you provide examples of how lighting can complement winter floral arrangements to create a magical ambiance?

Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty of winter floral arrangements. Pin spotting on tall arrangements adds a dramatic and eye-catching effect, making them truly shine. Candles, with their warm, flickering glow, add an elegant touch to any setting. Additionally, strategically placed up lights around the venue can create a soft, enchanting atmosphere that complements the floral décor beautifully.

Can you share any memorable experiences or unique requests you've encountered while designing winter florals? Perhaps for a wedding?

One memorable experience was incorporating miniature ornaments into a bridal bouquet, adding a a unique touch of holiday spirit. Additionally, witnessing snowfall during outdoor photography sessions creates a magical backdrop for our couples. These moments remind us of the joy and enchantment that winter weddings can bring.

Create Winter Magic Through Florals

At Willow & Thistle, we are passionate about crafting winter florals that capture the magic of the season. Whether you're planning a holiday party or a winter wedding, our team is dedicated to creating arrangements that will leave a lasting impression. Contact us today and let us help you bring your winter floral dreams to life!

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