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Willow & Thistle's Guide To Navigating Memorial Flowers

When a loved one passes and it’s time to plan a celebration of their life, we are here to help make the process as seamless as possible. It is hard enough having to say goodbye to someone you love dearly, so let Willow & Thistle take the stress of navigating memorial flowers off your mind and we will guide you step by step through our tribute options.

Although flowers are a small and delicate detail, there are various styles depending on the type of service. Floral tributes are available in wreaths, sprays, baskets, funeral crosses, and hearts. They can also be displayed differently based on the wake and memorial. Whether it is held in a synagogue, church, funeral home, hall, or private event space, the natural beauty of flowers offers a way to express feelings of loss while also greeting guests in a warm and comforting way.

Arrangements may be customized with specific flower types. You can convey a message through a flower’s meaning, color, and design. For example, red poppies are often used in remembrance of military personnel because they signify bravery, respect, devotion and love. White roses represent purity, while lilies are a traditional choice because they represent rebirth of the soul. No matter what color, the universal meaning of orchids is “I will always love you.” Carnation wreaths and standing sprays are the most common because they symbolize affection for loved ones who have passed.

In the end, flowers are sometimes able to speak when we can’t, and incorporating them into a celebration of life is a special way to honor the departed. Our professional designers at Willow & Thistle offer a gallery of examples and options tailored to your vision while providing you the support you need to make these decisions during a difficult time. As we say, the willow tree symbolizes new life while the thistle provides a natural support system through resiliency, strength, resolve, and protection. We blend these attributes to make your planning process easy and seamless.

Let us make coordinating a celebration of life easy for you- that’s what we do. View collections of our recent creations, rentals and services by visiting

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